Flower Festival

 The Flower Festival during the weekend 14thto 16thJune 2019, starting with a gala concert from a Welsh harpist Elfair Grug on Friday evening, a full day of community socialising and ending with our celebratory Mass on Sunday. The concert was brilliant. The sound from the harp was almost mystical, flowing through the quietness of the church. It felt so appropriate. It sounded like the voice of our comforting Lord surrounding me. Saturday was a wonderful day. Throughout the weekend, I met many people, those I know from our own church and those I had never met before, from the community and other churches. The festival brought people together, through the planning phase, the preparation of the event, and the actual weekend. It was a day to remember and enjoy with all our friends from near and far. The flowers were so beautiful. It fitted so well for such a beautiful church with its most warm, friendly, loving and welcoming family in Christ. The festival lasted for just a weekend, the flowers last for a few weeks, but the friendliness and warm memory will last forever.   I.O'N.