Jubilee Well Tanzania


PRF funded a group of 15 women at Kibehe with Tsh. 1,500,000.00. The group choose a name called “UPENDO MAK” for their identification and to smoothen their work. They started 15 women making a group of 5 women to make a group. Each group has leadership where one is a chairperson, the Secretary, the treasurer and two members. Today they are supposed to be 25 in number but two members passed away! One got a problem that caused her death when she was going to deliver a child. The second one got a liver problem and it caused her death …may the Lord rest them in peace. So they added two groups since PRF funded them. At the moment they have a cash of Tsh 2,485,000.00 for 5 groups.

The grace period they lend funds is one month bringing back a profit of 10%. They have various activities such as selling fish, cereals and other petty business. In a group whoever comes to lend money gets it according to her need and capacity, I mean depending on the business she is going to do, it can be 50,000 shillings or 100,000 shillings or 200,000 shillings provided that they have that in a group of five.

In return the women now are able to contribute economically in their family something like food especially meat, fish, sugar and other laundry needs. They also meet health needs for their children, transport payments and supporting their husbands in many ways. Thanks to PRF for this human project that supports women economically.

In the Ward of Bugarama at Nyakuguma village PRF in 2019 supported 350 families with a hand pump well which is providing sufficient water for these families for their daily uses. The water users are enjoying the water at the moment and they are happy that the well has saved them from being attacked by water related diseases which had been their common problem in the village. Many people had been suffering from Amoebiasis infections (the diseases which is common in tropical area) caused by untreated water. This spreads through drinking or eating uncooked food such as fruits that have been washed in contaminated water. The villagers provided they have a well which is covered and whose water comes from inside the well it saves a lot because its water is protected from being contaminated with external dirty things. The indicator is that at the dispensaries the cases of amoebiasis has decreased by 60%. We thank you PRF but we thank most St. Joseph parishioners who during its Jubilee of 150 years contributed the funds which has enabled this well to be built. We are very much thankful to the parishioners for your lovely heart which has made this a reality. Below are photos showing the well and women fetching water happily! They thank you so much.